Privacy Policy

As a web user and visitor to we value the importance of your privacy and security. Our privacy policy here outlines how, as a web user and browser of this site, certain web information or data may be received during the course of your visit.

General and Personal Information

At no point will this website request from a user any private or personal information that will be disclosed, passed on or sold to any third party for marketing related purposes.

This website does request a name and email address for user supplied updates and also for any general inquiries and this is solely to help verify any request made or to respond to a user when necessary; under no circumstances will such data be passed on to, or used by, any third party entities.

Cookies and Google Doubleclick

Cookies are web data files that are collected on a user's computer via the user's web browser each time they visit a website. These data files are anonymous and are generally used to help improve the user's browsing experience. This typically relates to a user's browsing patterns and behaviour. Cookies are anonymous and do not identify any personal information about a user. Most current day web browsers are set to allow cookies - if as a browser of this site or any other you do not wish to allow cookie-related information to be collected, you can choose to disallow cookies via your particular web browser, usually found in the browser's settings and privacy menu. Third party advertisers also use cookies to provide adverts that may be more relevant as it pertains to a user's browsing habits - the Google Doubleclick cookie is used on this website to serve ads to users and this cookie enables both Google and its partners to present ads that may be more relevant to a user based on their web browsing history, often referred to as "interest-based" advertising.

All users are entitled to 'opt-out' of usage of the Google DoubleClick cookie at anytime - simply visit Google's Ad Settings page for more details. In turn, Digital Advertising Alliance website provides further details Internet advertising for consumers and how you can opt-out of any third-party vendors' usage of cookies to provide user interest based adverts.

Web Analytics

This website uses web analytics. Data collected via web analytics software allows a website to monitor, measure and report on a user's activity during a browsing session. Typically this type of data includes web browser version; device used; user geographical location; pages viewed; data and time of visit; length of time on site; referring sites and other general user behaviour of this nature.

External Links/Websites

Where required, may supply a hyperlink to an external website when it is deemed necessary or beneficial for users. Users should be aware that cannot endorse any external websites' privacy policy and each website should be considered on an individual basis with regard to privacy policies and personal information.

Updates to Privacy Policy

When necessary, any updates required to the Privacy Policy for that relate to any possible new developments or functionality on the website will be made here on this page

Contact Details

If you wish to get in contact with us regarding any details outlined here in this privacy policy, please get in touch here